Azure Tech Summit

26 October, YMCA Hall, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

About The Event

About The Event

Azure Tech Summit 2019, is the biggest event in the Eastern Province, the event organized by Tech Event Sri Lanka, event partners are C# Corner and YMCA Batticaloa, and the event conduct by Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), C# Corner Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT).


YMCA Hall, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


26 October

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Manogararajah Viknaraj

Microsoft MVP | C# Corner MVP | Microsoft MCT

Speaker 2

Suhail Jamaldeen

Microsoft MVP

Speaker 3

Hadshana Kamalanathan

C# Corner MVP | Microsoft MCT

Speaker 4

Najath Risni

Microsoft MCT

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Azure Tech Summit 2019


Najath Risni

Session 1 - Risni

Working with Microsoft Virtualization Technology.

Hubert Hirthe

Session 2 - Viknaraj

Deep Dive into Microsoft Azure Storage.

Cole Emmerich

Session 3 - Hadshana

Working with Azure AD and PIM.

Jack Christiansen

Session 4 - Suhail

Deploy your Website and Web Applications on Azure.

Alejandrin Littel

Session 4 - Panel Discussion

Certifications, Questions and Answers.

Event Venue

YMCA Hall - Batticaloa

YMCA Hall, Batticaloa

YMCA (Young Men Christian Association), Boundary Road South, Batticaloa.

Partners and Team

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